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Anavyssos - Attica


 The property is in Athens, a little way past Lagonisi, close to the beautiful gulf of Anavyssos-Palaia Fokaia, near the National Forest and the magical beaches of Sounio, in the Santa Herena neighbourhood of the Municipality of Keratea, on the road Lavrio-Sounio, very close to the Attica Road.

This  is  a  prime,  fast-developing  region  of Attica, with  an  exceptional  climate,  special  natural  beauty  and excellent  infrastructure.  It  is  an  area with  projects  from  the Olympic Games,  an  excellent  road  network,  a harbour  and  marina  in  Lavrio,  with  large,  international,  luxury  hotels  and  villas,  close  to  the  Athens International Airport.

In  a  year  from  now,  the  Athens  Metro  will  be  extended  to  the  beautiful,  traditional  village  of  Ayios
Konstantinos (1,800 metres from the property) and the Suburban Railway will reach Lavrio (seven kilometres
from the property) in two years’ time.

A  thousand metres from  the property  there  is a wooded recreational area, about  ten  to fifteen minutes away. There  are  also beautiful beaches with  clear blue water  (the nearest,  the gulf of Anavyssos-Palaia Fokaia  is only four minutes by car), traditional and modern tavernas, famous monasteries and churches, the antiquities of Sounio and the harbour and Marina of Lavrio.

DISTANCES: The distances to the property are:
Athens = 45 kilometres
Airport = 27 kilometres
Lavrio = 7 kilometres
Κeratea = 7 kilometres
Anavyssos = 7 kilometres

LOCATION: The  property  and  residence  sit  on  the  top  of  a  hill which  overlooks  the  beautiful  seaside  at Anavyssos and Palaia Fokaia. They occupy  the eastern, northern and southern sides of  the hill with an unimpeded, panoramic view on all sides over the surrounding vineyards, properties with luxury villas and the sea.

EXTENT: The  property  extends  over more  than  1,400  sq. metres. Over  its  frontage  of  100 metres,  it  is contiguous with a modern, metalled road, 700 metres long, which in turn connects to two main roads. Entirely self-sufficient and fenced in, it is a veritable impregnable fort. It has a borehole,  fruit  trees, olives which produce organic olive oil, beds of  flowering shrubs,  lemon  trees, cypresses, golden crest and a variety of  decorative trees, as well as a sheltered garden for fruit and vegetable
growing. It is fed by the public water system and has its own pumping station, cisterns and a large, organic septic tank,
of serpentine construction, which never blocks.

Apart  from  its  aesthetically-pleasing  low  lighting,  the  property  has  seven  lamp-posts  in  the  vicinity which keep  it well-lit,  together  the  corresponding …….  and  secure,  cement-  encased  underground  power  supply lines, as well as security and alarm systems.

RESIDENCE: Built to the specifications of a luxury villa, the residence has a total floor area of 400 sq. m. It is about then years old, constructed with great care, within the framework of traditional architecture. Built with ultra-modern specifications, it has thick walls (cool in summer, cosy in winter), is stone-built inside and out and meticulously pointed. It is fully centrally-heated and also has air-conditioning (hot and cold) in all rooms, with a powerful external unit. Internally, there are five inter-connecting levels with wooden ceilings in all.

The villa has:

A master bedroom, with a unique view, high ceiling, an arch, a veranda, balcony, bathroom with Jacuzzi (and direct access to the swimming-pool and grounds). On the same level as the master bedroom, there is an office/library etc. Two (2) other bedrooms with high ceilings and amazing view. Each has its own large bathroom and its own covered veranda. In all the bedrooms, the floors are wooden. Kitchen  (granite  with  built-in  cupboards),  which  is  large  and  Π-shaped.  There  is  also  a  dining-room  and hospitality lounge, a large, protected veranda and immediate access to the grounds and swimming-pool. From  the  drawing-room, which  has  a  fireplace  the  view  is  panoramic  and  charming  and  from  the  covered veranda there is immediate access to the grounds and swimming-pool. Finally,  there  is a visitor’s rest-room, a service room (with  its own kitchen and bathroom), a  large reception area and a great many “central” cupboards. At  the  point  of  entry  to  the  villa,  there  is  a  covered  veranda  (with  a  small  ramp)  and  a  high-ceilinged, traditional split-level room with a wonderful view and a fireplace.

SWIMMING-POOL: It measures 7x14 metres,  is  tiled on  the  inside,  three metres at  its deepest and has a Jacuzzi. It has a ……………….. and is heated. Two motors operate and two filters, with an overflow and self-cleaning system. Next to the house, it is flanked by two large pergolas (one measuring 35x5 metres, the other 15x4) which form a convenient space for receptions, even with a large number of guests.

STORE-ROOMS AND GARAGE: This separate building is a few metres from the villa. It has a total area of some 170 sq. m.  and, since it is tetragonal in shape, two of its sides protrude into the hillside. It has two rooms, on the left side (one of which, protruding into the hillside, is  put to use as a wine cellar, the other as a reading room), known euphemistically as the rooms of the spirit and the spirits. There  are  also  two  rooms  on  the  right, which  are  large  and  spacious  and  available  for  any  use  (storage  or habitation). It also has a kitchen  (11x3 metres) and a  large bathroom-cum-toilet. Two cars can park comfortably  in  the central area.

STAFF QUARTERS: Next  to  the six-metre electronic gate at  the entrance  to  the property,  there  is a gate-house, 70  sq. m.  in area  (kitchen, bedroom,  sitting-room, bathroom-  small  storeroom) with air-conditioning etc.

PAVILION  AND  TAVERNA: On  the  south  side  of  the  villa  there  is  a  pavilion  and  taverna,  with  an exceptional view over the sea. The taverna has a built-in barbecue with a traditional oven, a grill,  a separate small oven and a fixed, marble table.

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