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Nea Gonia - Halkidiki

Nea Gonia - Halkidiki--2.500.000 euro

The landed property in question is situated at Nea Gonia ( Chalchidiki peninsula ), at a distance of 35 km from the
center of the city of Thessaloniki and 20 km from the airport Macedonia.

It consists of 670,000 square metres, which can make five ( 4 ) separate properties ( 4 x 50,000 sq.m.  and one of 70,000 sq.m. ) and one (1) property of 400,000
square meters belonging to four different ( 4) persons. All properties are free of any liabilities, obligations or mortgages. The important thing about this property, the size of which is difficult to find in northern Greece, is that all of the owners would unreservedly agree to sell or to develop their lot, should interesting offers be made.

A piece of 270,000 meters, all of them making one piece, are situated on an even level at 400 meters height above sea level, at a distance of four (4) km from the town of Nea kallikrateia ( Chalchidiki ) , which is on the seafront, at the 800m from the village of Nea Gonia. The rest of 400,000 square meters, which are contiguous to the abovementioned 270,000 square meters, lay on a slightly lower level and overlook the village lakkoma. The whole property is neighboring a) upon the property for habitation of the Public Power Corporation employees, which is under development and by the way disposes of electric current and water resources, b) a similar property for summer residence of the Retired Officers Association and c) a third one of the same kind which has already been incorporated with the village of Nea Gonia

From the climate point of view, the location of the landed property has the following advantages: The underground of the upper level consists of lime-stone , which is considered very health for those suffering from lung problems. The humidity degree scaling is of the lowest in the whole of Chalchidiki and Greece. The climate is very dry and has the lowest precipitation frequency , since Chalchidiki by itself is considered as one of the driest areas in Greece. The scenic view from the upper level over Thermaikos Golf is rewarding since under clear skies one can admire Olympus, the mountain of the ancient Gods. All cultivation around this lot is mainly wheat and vineyards

This landed property is neighboring with the village Lakkoma, which this very moment is under development. The access by road to the village Nea Gonia, where the property located, is made via Lakkoma, which lately has become an important light-industry area, because its proximity to the airport. The property is in a distance of 1200m from the highway which joins Thessaloniki to Chalchidiki.

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